Our clients are change agents, early adopters, and operators who take on the toughest missions on earth.

We work with you to create and validate new approaches that are ultimately adopted as best practices across the government and industry.

Decentralized Architectures and Federated Data Governance

Decentralized approaches that leverage data “as is” and “where it is” match the complexity of the DoD’s heterogeneous data landscape. We weave together data fabric, data mesh, and data lakehouse design patterns to implement federated data ecosystems to unify data governance, democratize data access and use, and enable data integration and sharing from the enterprise to the edge.

Data Science

We are nerds for the math and statistics at the core of data science and machine learning models. We have end-to-end experience framing AI and data science efforts, developing and validating data-driven decision-making models, and implementing MLOps pipelines to augment sensemaking, tighten decision timelines, and realize operational efficiencies.

Responsible AI

Our contributions to Trusted AI and Data Governance are informed by our work building human-centered AI systems for critical missions. We develop and validate useful criteria and metrics to evaluate that the AI and Decision Intelligence systems we build abide by policies and principles for ethical use of AI. We advise our clients and leaders in government, industry, and the international community on the responsible and ethical use of AI.

Data and Artificial Intelligence

We are architects of the data-centric and AI era. We have end-to-end experience working with government and commercial partners to establish sustainable data governance strategies, build federated data platforms, and adopt human-centered AI systems that reduce cognitive load and augment decision making. We believe in AI for good and are leading contributors in trustworthy and responsible AI.

Digital Platforms at Scale

We build ecosystems for secure development and seamless deployment to the cloud, enterprise, or edge. We began our DevSecOps journey building vendor and cloud-agnostic CI/CD pipelines for the DoD and U.S. government's premier software factories. Today, we integrate least trust security into platform operations and architect automated solutions for airgapped environments, cross-domain ecosystems, and the contested edge.

Open Software and Open Architecture

We leverage open architectures, open standards, and open-source software to build future proof systems that leverage best-in-breed technologies and private sector investment to deliver greater-than-incremental performance improvements at best value. Containerized, microservice-based, and modular architectures are our jam.

Continuous Integration & Delivery

DevSecOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery accelerate timelines for software updates and upgrades from years to days – to deliver new capabilities at the speed of need.

Edge-first Architectures

We have unparalleled experience designing and modernizing operational DoD systems for the cloud. Yet, we understand that operational missions require deployment on premises and at the contested edge. We architect our digital stacks for deployment to the edge; resilient operations under DDIL conditions; and seamless integration between the enterprise, cloud, and fog.


Cloud-native is not just a buzzword to us; it is said that "culture eats strategy for breakfast." We have cultivated a culture of automation, orchestration, and platform security. Our team integrates infrastructure as code, open-source software, and site reliability engineering, and expertise to manage scalable clusters.

Legacy Integration

We are technical and creative experts in integration with legacy systems and experienced in managing the technical and non-technical barriers and opportunities associated with digital modernization.

Domain-Driven Design

We know that domain experts, operators, end users, and engineers all speak different languages. We train our engineers to bridge those gaps by establishing common understanding and using domain-specific terms of reference tailored to our clients’ mission. This ensures collaborative cooperation, prevents programming discrepancies, and reduces project risks.

Complex Software Applications

We work on advanced features and functionality that require specialized skills in software architecture, UX/UI design, and automated testing. We work closely with operators and end users to transform mission workflows and modernize legacy applications and data systems for speed, security, and scale.