Our Team

Angela Milash

Product Manager

Angela is a Product Management Leader and Consultant with 15 years of experience partnering with organizations to deliver focused technical products and innovative solutions for Fortune 100 Organizations, Startups, B-Corps, and Nonprofits. She is passionate about using technology for good, is considered an expert in Agile Product Delivery and has delivered work for multiple areas such as Innovation Labs, Fintech, Digital Transformation, Biosecurity, Legal Tech and Digital Forensics, Digital Health innovation, and for Vulnerable Populations, Compliance and Security, B2B, B2C, for clients like CapitalOne, the United Nations Tech Innovation Lab, UCSF, EY, VISA, Discover, Bain Consulting, to name a few. She excels at leading full technology life cycle Product Development, strategy, and delivery being experienced building cloud data and software technology platforms, web and mobile apps, as well as new product introduction, design thinking and rapid prototyping, managing organizational development shifts and growth, workflow optimization, and Agile and Lean principles.