We are Team Raft. Together, we're building the sharpest digital solutions and solving the most complex problems, while having fun.

We are crafters of contingency. Programmers of tomorrow. Real people. Really smart. Who care about how their work affects the world.

Why Raft?

Humans First

We put our people and our culture first. We work with some of the smartest, hardest-working experts in their fields. We give our teams the space and freedom to focus on what they love - finding truly innovative solutions.

Diversity is our superpower

We celebrate diversity, individuality, and non-traditional, out of the-box thinkers. Because our differences make us strong.


We are a geographically distributed team where little humans, pets, and everything in between are welcome during our zoom calls. We ♥️ Open Source and use Mattermost for collaboration. Less is more when it comes to meetings, and we are accommodating of different time zones.

Shubhi Mishra

Founder & CEO

Bhaarat Sharma

Chief Technology Officer

Tami Hrivnak

Vice President

Jake Buikema

Chief Growth Officer

Danielle McCoy

Senior Director of Culture and People

Angie Sheffield

Senior Director of Data and AI

Sam Sams

Senior Director of Talent

Kristen Shaw

Director of UX

Dagan Henderson

Vice President of Platform

Jessica Weaver

Program Director

Barak Stout

R&D Director

Jesse Fullerton

Director of Contracts

Steve Morgan

Chief Data Engineer

Hitesh Sharma

Senior Platform Lead

Let's Freakin' Go

We are more than the faces you see here...

We are kind people with big hearts and hardcore geek intensity. We are bound and determined to succeed. We strive to be the people you want to work with.

We are a team of 170+ awesome humans
....and growing

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