Our people and culture set us apart

Our Approach

Understanding a problem is the foundation that any solution is built on. That’s why we take the time to thoroughly understand yours before we get started, so we can get it right the first time. Spending resources on a problem you don’t understand is like trying to fix a house’s structural problems with paint—it might seem faster, but sooner or later it’s all going to collapse.

Why Should I Go Raft?

You can’t create cutting edge technology if you’re stuck in a traditional model. That’s why we threw it out and started from scratch.

We put our people and our culture first. Our people are our greatest resource and our culture is what supports and protects them. We work with some of the smartest, hardest working experts in their field. We owe it to them to make sure our team is free of meaningless restrictions and internal politics so they can focus on what they love, finding innovative solutions.

We like to have fun, after all, solving complex problems requires a relaxed environment where the mind is free to wander and find non-linear solutions. That’s why we never take ourselves too seriously, but we always take our work seriously.

We build off of open source projects and resist vendor lock in. That way you’re not paying us to reinvent the wheel, our solutions play nice with others and are always adaptable.

We know digital innovation doesn’t always operate during bank hours, so neither do we. We aren’t afraid to go the extra mile or put in the extra time to find a solution. We get it right the first time; we won’t waste our time (and your money) trying to fix something that’s fundamentally broken. It’s kind of like making an exceptional cup of coffee, if the beans are roasted wrong, it doesn’t matter how much pumpkin spice you dump in your cup, it’s still not going to taste great.

And above all else we’re up for a challenge; it’s in our DNA. Ask us to do something that’s never been done, or better yet something that can’t be done, and we’ll find a way to do. It’s just who we are.

If you need a partner that’s looking toward the future and not the past, don’t go traditional, go Raft.

Our Experience

Our experience building scalable software solutions ranges from application, platform, data, and UI/UX level. Our experience is demonstrable via actual expertise (open source contributions and public facing tools) as opposed to using buzzwords. We work as Prime contractors on both civilian and federal efforts and are one of the few small businesses with experience in managing public facing K8s clusters, building scalable applications, and converting paper based forms into progressive mobile applications.

  • Object Detection - Created cutting edge algorithms capable of detecting real time objects in aerial imagery to aid airmen (SpaceEye).
  • Pivotal PaaS - Made complex applications work with Pivotal Container Service (PKS) by creating custom buildpacks in the open source capable of being built and run in air gapped environments and leveraging shared services such as Single Sign On, AWS, and PostgreSQL.
  • AWS Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) - Contributed to software solutions on the low-side that run on the high-side (build low, deploy high) using DevSecOps practices.
  • Cloud Native Platforms - Built on open source tools such as Kubernetes, Buildah, Podman, EFK, Prometheus, Kafka, etc. and free of any vendor lock-in.
  • Product Development - Created progressive, public facing, mobile first applications using human centered design principles. Additionally, created scalable backend applications capable of collecting over 40M records of data in short span of 60 days.
  • Open Source - Contributed to the open source communities by sharing discoveries, creating tools, and sending pull requests.

Our Team