3 Biggest Benefits of Investing in UX Design

April 8, 2020 | Words by Leslie

As technology continues to rapidly change, UX design is more important than ever. The only way to stay ahead of curve is to invest in UX design for your product and build it into your development process as a permanent fixture. To reflect on the invaluable role UX design plays in product development, we’ve listed the three biggest benefits it can provide to your apps, websites and software.

1 - UX Provides A Competitive Advantage

The needs of your potential customers change with every new product released on the market, and UI trends change with time. Addressing these ever-evolving desires with innovative, modern functionality can entice users to abandon outdated products and encourage them to explore your solutions. If your UX design is more atheistically pleasing and intuitive than the competition, new users will become repeat users, increasing your product’s sustainability and protecting your product from retention decline. In a world where competition is one click away, UX design isn’t something you should skimp out on.

2 - UX Lowers Overall Cost

Re-designs and product training can drastically increase the time and cost of your production and development. However, If your product is fully vetted from the beginning and all aspects of UX design are addressed (i.e. user research, user stories, user personas, user flow, user experience, user requirements, wireframing, and prototyping) you can mitigate these issues, cut development time and prevent unforeseen costs by volumes.

3 - UX Increases Value for Your End User

If your product can make a process more efficient and cost effective, the return on investment speaks for itself. A well-designed product can streamline workflows and connect otherwise disparate processes which can help end users perform tasks more efficiently and enthusiastically. It can also decrease mistakes and errors in user workflows, ultimately producing a higher level of quality output.

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